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Money and how it controls us
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     Money... the piece of paper that controls life. The paper that turns us into working machines, machines that build societies and mental corruptions. Money, something that is nature yet not so much. Paper comes from a tree but who knew that a tree could cost so much. Debt, something we fall in when we can't pay our rent, something that destroys us all..... this doesn't make sense.

       Nations in poverty and others flooded in riches. A world with so much gold yet so poorly held in hands of those that have been told, told of these minerals that are beautifully valued with commas and digits. A world with a massive ocean in search for more mystery, instead money is being used to fight wars...what a tragedy. A bad habit that has been going on through history. How could someone not see that a piece of paper can destroy so many things.

        Destruction should be caused by nature and nature only. Humans ruin habitats, homes and over populate, for what? Just for the damn money. Who would have known that the only home known to man could be owned by trees that got cut down,shredded, and soaked by ink. Who knew that our small world was ran by money. Just a piece of paper that controls life and creates tyranny. 

       Call it what you want and say what you want but only the devil has laughed, for the devil has managed to seize those that are greedy and trapped in a world of money, laughing at those falling apart because of debt, falling apart because lives are being ruined, laughing because a piece of paper controls the life of those working, laughing because he sees most struggling , just laughing because we chase the money.

                                                                                                                                 ~Cynthia Duran

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