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Love is unique and blind
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   Love is unique and blind, people talk about it and think of it all the time. People imagine being with others every day, they don't care how they meet they can see each other in anyway. At home, behind a screen or going out to watch a movie. Lovers at first sight are lovers at ease, lovers that are pained, grieve and can't find what they want to achieve. Love is blind like the bat that can't see at night, love is unique in ways others can't understand. 

        Love is a feeling that can't be described , Its a feeling that any doctor wouldn't deny. Passion is involved a feeling in which you can't get rid of. Passion is the feeling you get of the person that you do things with that you won't regret a feeling so strong that it can take your breath away. It's like the sight of a blue moon, so rare and bright that no other star in the sky could steal its shine. 

      Love is a feeling of understand-ment, partner to partner, together making an enchantment. Partners forever living their lives together and sharing their souls, partners forever flourishing with new love for each other and even more. Heart to heart, soul to soul, skin to skin there's no difference to them. Once you fall there's no getting out you fall even harder when your partner doesn't show you a doubt. Every day and every night affection is shown, day and night the love has grown. Deeper in meaning and further in thinking, love leaves you speechless, no voice heard. Love is shown by looks and smiles, shown by hugs and  kisses, shown by desires that both misses and needed. Partners make promises and make them happen, lovers complete them without making one. Love the four letter word that can drive anybody crazy, love is the feeling that leaves us all fantasizing.

                                                                                                                       ~Cynthia Duran

2 people are listening to the comments, and not you. Listen?
  .   Shanice Williams
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