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How To Describe Stress
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     Stress,what is that you say? A feeling, an emotion that can ruin any day. A feeling that makes you bite your nails to its numb, an emotion that makes you feel dumb. You lose all consciousness , your brain feels dead. No other thought or worry devours your neurons, no other thing can devour your mentality and give you some new attention. Crazy, is one of the symptoms you get of nights with little sleep. Alcohol, the beverage that you drink to get over it but we all know that it's not worth it.Crumbled paper, you know, the ones that you threw in the trash can because you thought you were a failure.

     Stress, that feeling that kills us all. The feeling that makes you toss and turn, the feeling that makes your eyes burn from all the pages you had to turn. What more can stress do you say? Stress is so bad that it turns your hair gray! What's so good about stress if you go insane?! You don't know what stress is until you have to lose sleep. Sleep, the most important thing a human being needs. Stress, the thing that takes away our need of sleep.

         Who knew that stress could make you feel like dirty dishes? Yes, dirty dishes. Stress is what make murderers the killers they are, it's what makes everybody in New York have massive traffic, it's what makes students hate their own teachers. Don't mind me I'm just that fly on the wall dying of stress and anxiety.  It's really nothing to you, you think that just by drinking coffee it will all go away like all those burned calories, but wrong you are, for stress is something that kills you or makes you stronger, only you choose whether it's a drainage of power or something that doesn't make your life sour.

                                                                                                                   ~ Cynthia Duran                                              

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