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I toss and turn, my head is hurting I get up and curl down in pain from consumption. My soul is devoted to the darkest form of all, he says his name has deep meaning which is why he won't say it at all. I look up and stare at his dark complexion, I can now see his aura showing more frustration. He said he has been with me from the day I was born, there was no way to get him away so I kept crawling on the floor. He stepped on me and forbid anymore movement, he whispered in my ear "don't try to get through this". I tried to push through but he wouldn't let me do it, so I quit on myself and lied there facing the music."Please don't hurt me for I am so innocent and pure.", he glared at me and said nothing more, his eyes widened and he opened the windows and doors, he cradled me in his arms without saying a word. He laid me in bed and knelt beside me, placed his hand on my forehead and smirked. "I know you're innocent but that's not the matter." , the way he looked at me and continued to chatter made me stutter "do-do you have a valid answer?". His teeth glowed and his laugh grew, the windows shut and the doors screwed "Anytime you laugh it makes me disgusted, when your heart flutters I want to punch it, when your hair grows I want to cut it, when you feel happy you make me weak and exhausted.". I Started to cry for my luck was about to change he put his hand through my chest and took my heart out with rage, " This is mine now, there is no taking it back, this is rightfully mine you should have known that.", I stared blankly while tears strolled down my face, my heart turned black with no red left to trace. " It's over for you now you disgrace, here comes the worst of times you just wait." He took my heart with no warning, I felt lifeless even though my heart was pounding, blood rushed through my veins, cold sweat was forming. All of a sudden I remember childhood memories and woke up in silence.

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