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Cheating is not the answer unless if it's necessary
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        Cheating, Is it a habit or a trait? Is it developed by hatred or betrayal?  What is it that tossed love off its trail? Have you ever wondered if cupid missed his arrow? What if the person you're with is the one that won't last for ever?

         Cheated on is like being used. Being used is like there was no other choice to do. No other idea left, no choice of having good ones kept. Like seeing a sign but not noticing it, yet slipping because it was wet. It is a logical choice to stay faithful, to love someone oh so graceful. To not destroy something beautiful is a choice, it's better to speak up with your voice. Speak the truth, it wouldn't hurt anybody not even you. Yes it may slaughter your ex-partner's heart, but its a great start. Never be as stubborn as a bull, cheating is against the rules, please follow them unless there's a dead end. By dead end I mean there is no other thing to do, as in your partner has abused you in any necessary way. Your partner has mistreated you, your partner has used you or you were not number one, but you're number two.

           In the end cheating is never the right thing to do, but it's okay to have one bad bone or two. It's your choice to not end up as a fool and to not use your current partner as a tool. Advice comes and advice goes, but if you're a person with a cold heart it shows. Never be with the person if the same vibe doesn't flow. Don't ever be with that person if you have no love to show. As said before cheating is never the answer and neither is ignoring the person that you adore for the person that makes you feel alive at night once more.

                                                                                                                              ~Cynthia Duran

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