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    I'm hiccuping memories of the past, drink after drink, glass after glass memories of you pass. Give me a shot, pour me two more a girl with a lot of class needa drink sometimes. Too much on my mind so much to do with the person that use to be mine. What's life if he's with a girl that isn't worth his time. too much Hennessy and a dash of that salt, too much on my mind if you know what I mean. Couple of hours passed and memories of you on my mind run and last, I always look up at that moon and ask myself damn what happened to what we use to have. 

     At night after leaving the bar I walk down the streets, vandalizing every car window I meet. The cars pass me by and the people inside of them look at me, yeah it's crazy that a descent girl like me would be roaming the streets. I walk down into a cemetery where memories die in peace, it's where a valley of rain and cold air whip at my face telling me these are things that will never leave. How could something so dear come to an end , how could the person I loved is not even my friend. We use to be so close like shoes and laces now we're apart like a detective left without traces......

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thanked by the blogger    .   Mari' Emeraude
ooh I loved this! "hiccupping memories of the past"-great line! sorry for your loss if this is a story based on a real event.
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