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Top Physical Activities to Stay Fit and Healthy
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Nowadays sports activities are not only useful but also very popular. Everyone wants to be fit and healthy thus fitness clubs are always overcrowded especially at the evenings. If you think about appropriate physical training for you, just read this article.

Let`s start with training at the gym. Doing sports activity at the gym will help you to normalize your weight. That will prevent many diseases caused by excessive body weight. Moreover, if you have a sedentary lifestyle you must do sports otherwise you will have problems with the locomotor apparatus (diseases of ligaments, joints, tendons, etc.). However, you should carefully choose a program of training and understand the technique of exercises.

Judo is an excellent method for keeping a good physical shape. Judo techniques help a person to develop in his body both strength and flexibility. Judo class strengthens almost all the muscles of the body and develop a cardiovascular and respiratory system.  Judo also develops the ability of better consciousness concentration, which improves the ability to learn and work. Training of consciousness teaches to stay calm, being under the pressure of circumstances. In addition, it teaches the flexibility of the mind, allowing you to respond to life with a greater degree of openness.

Dance classes train almost all the muscles of the body and positively affect the joint tissue. It will help to train the muscles of the back and form a beautiful posture. Dancing forms a beautiful smooth gait. It has a hardening and restorative effect on the body. As a result, the frequency of colds decreases. Dancing exercises train the respiratory system. Dancing improves coordination of movements and strengthens the vestibular apparatus and as a result, it positively effects on the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Regular dance classes help to burn extra calories, which helps to reduce weight. And finally, the figure will have a beautiful, tightened look. Regular dancing exercises with complex movements improve brain activity and memory, reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease. Dancing slows down the aging of the body. And, of course, dances positively influence the mental state of a person. They help to improve mood, to deal with stress, depression, fears, and nervousness.

In contrast to other types of physical exercises, swimming takes place in an aquatic environment, where both physical exercises and water themselves influence on the human body. This bilateral impact is the main benefits of swimming. So, swimming has the following benefits. It helps maintain and control weight. Many people, especially after forty years old, tend to gain weight. Swimming exercises effectively burn calories and contribute to weight loss. It is a very cool tool in getting rid of cellulite. Swimming with a board or flippers helps to cope with this problem. It improves sleep and also helps relieve stress or emotional stress. Swimming strengthens the muscles and maintains the body in a pleasant tone. It will help to fortify the immune system. And, moreover, swimming is able to prevent varicose. 

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