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What to Expect from Your Baby's Passport Photo Session
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Everyone must have a passport for international travel, even babies. Although, getting a passport for a baby can be simple, getting a passport photo of a baby can be challenging. There are many rules for taking passport photos that even babies must follow. Getting a little one to look straight into a camera or cooperate during a photo session; however, can make it almost impossible to abide by these rules. But, there are some guidelines you must be aware of that can make you and your child better prepared for the photo session.

Make Sure the Face isn’t Covered

Facial clarity is the most important part of a passport photo, so you must make sure your baby’s face is clear and uncovered. The baby’s face will have to be visible without any other objects in sight. During the session, parents aren’t allowed to hold their baby up, so infants are laid down on white sheet or cardboard to get a clear picture of their faces. For the gentlest photo session for your infant and the best baby passport photos in Edmonton, you should check out PhotoStop.

There Shouldn’t be Any Objects Visible

Unlike other photo sessions, children aren’t allowed to have toys, blankets or other distractions to keep them cooperative. This is because passport photos can only have a clear shot of the face and top of the shoulders. In fact, the shoulders should take up about 30% of the entire image, but this can vary from one country to the another. Just make sure the baby’s hands aren’t visible in the photo either.Parents also can’t be in the photo, so no holding the baby or attempting to hold the baby up. However, you’ll be required to stay by the photographer’s side and keep the baby focused and engaged during the session.

The Baby Must be Engaged and Focused on the Camera

Baby passport photos must be taken while the baby is awake and looking directly at the camera. Entertaining the child will keep them engaged and awake for the photo. Remember to stick as close to the photographer’s side as possible to keep the baby focused on the camera. The baby’s mouth must also be closed and free of pacifiers, bottles or other objects. Additionally, the baby’s face must be squared with the camera and their eyes completely open.

The Lighting Must be Right

Lighting is a major component of taking a good passport photo. For your baby’s photo, the lighting must be even and devoid of any shadows in the background or on the child’s face. This is one reason why studios don’t allow parents to hold their babies up. However, the photo can be taken with the baby in a car seat and white cardboard placed behind them, but it shouldn’t disturb the lighting. Lighting will also be adjusted to show your baby’s exact likeness and skin tone. Keep in mind that the photographer is only allowed to use a plain white or grey background (depending on regulations). For passport photos in Edmonton that follow all of the lighting guidelines and more, remember to visit PhotoStop.

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