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Canadian Summer Vacation Inspiration
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If you’re thinking of vacationing in Canada this summer, you’ll soon discover that there are lots of destinations to choose from. International travel is fun, but it often involves more preparation, like making sure you have an up to date passport and photo. If you are planning to head out of the country this summer, and you're looking for places to get passport photos, PhotoStop in Edmonton is your best choice.

But, why not celebrate Canada's 150th by seeing some of the many amazing places that this country has to offer? Below are three of those awesome summer vacation destinations and experiences.   

Sand Sculptures in Parksville, British Columbia

Every July, the beachfront community of Parksville hosts perhaps the most amazing sandcastle competition in the world. Parksville is a popular golfing destination, but in the summer, its biggest draw is the Sand Sculpting Competition & Exhibition, which attracts as many as 100,000 visitors in one month. During this time, American and Canadian competitors come together to make some of the most creative, beautiful and whimsical sand sculptures you’ll ever see.

Icebergs of Newfoundland

Yes, Canada can be cold, even in the summer, but there are few things more interesting than the icebergs of Newfoundland. Iceberg Alley is the province’s most popular and accessible destination for iceberg spotting. That said, the icy structures could literally appear anywhere around the island.  

They begin to make their way along the coast in May, but the numbers taper offer in July, as it warms up. However, iceberg hunting in June and July is an adventure waiting to happen and an activity many vacationers do during the summer.

Beluga Whales of Churchill, Manitoba

Churchill, Manitoba is well-known for its Polar Bear population, but the Beluga Whale population is even more interesting. In the summer, as many as 3,000 of these little white whales swim to the mouth of the Churchill River to feed on plankton. They’re known to be fun, intelligent and gentle creatures, which makes them great snorkeling companions.

You can plan a snorkeling adventure where guides can take you out to the beluga's playground. They’re so friendly that they’ll swim up and begin to play and interact with you. Like all snorkeling adventures, there’s lots to explore, learn and discover, especially about the unique beluga whale.

Head to Ottawa for the Country's Birthday Celebrations  

Of course, a trip to the nation's capital would be particularly fun this summer, when the city is buzzing with excitement and people are partaking in a wide variety of festivities.

Take the opportunity to see some of the many exciting places and things that our fine country has to offer. Start planning your summer vacation now, and remember, if you do find yourself heading overseas in the summer months, make sure your passport is valid.


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