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4 Tips for Getting Away on a Budget This Winter
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Winters in Canada can be long and tiring, and with the cold weather comes the desire to escape. It doesn't matter if the desire to escape is to a tropical location or any other destination, winter vacations are very popular. Getting away in the winter, however, can be expensive; ski and beach resorts are often packed with vacationers trying to escape winter boredom and weather, which contributes to increased resort fees and hotel prices. This might not be too encouraging to those on a budget, but thankfully, there are ways to make your winter vacation budget-friendly.

Consider a Rental Instead of a Hotel

Vacation rentals can save you a lot of time and money. They cost less per person and offer many more conveniences than a hotel, such as a kitchen and laundry at your disposal. A rental can be especially beneficial for those travelling with kids, because they're often better equipped when it comes to special accommodations. Plus, you can rent a place in a central location that's also close to the best restaurants and sights. Hotels in these locations are typically much more expensive than others, so you'll have the experience of staying in an exciting area without the expense.

Search For Vacation Freebies

The world is full of travel perks and discounts for travelling groups and families. You can save lots of money by looking for resort, hotel, and activity packages that include vacation freebies. For example, a ski resort that offers free skiing for kids, free hotel stays for kids under the age of 12, or free breakfast or a buffet with your hotel stay. Also, look for half-off or 'twofer' deals offered by certain resorts, hotels or with other vacation packages, including discounted air travel and car rental. You can find these types of deals on coupon websites or check out tourism bureau portals and local sites for free events or special promotions.

Vacation Off the Beaten Path

The sight of snow constantly falling will probably make you crave a tropical atmosphere. But, popular beach vacation spots are bound to be crowded and can be expensive. Places like Latin America, the Caribbean, or Hawaii can come with inflated plane ticket, hotel, and entertainment prices. However, places like Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia have warm weather, beautiful beaches, and plenty of sights to see. Plus, they're slightly off the beaten path, so they won't be overrun with tourists and can be less expensive.

Choose Alternative Airlines and Flight Routes

Air travel can be the most expensive part of international travel. You can, however, save money by flying with alternative airlines. For example, flying from Orly airport in Paris instead of the most popular Charles de Gaulle airport. Additionally, alternative airports like this will also have fewer travellers, thus shorter check-in and wait times and fewer flight delays. Another way to save money on international travel is to book the last leg of travel with a budget, regional airline. For instance, choosing a flight route that makes stops in cities close to your final destination instead of choosing an end-to-end flight.

Just remember that no matter where you choose to go internationally, you must have a passport that's valid and ready to go. This includes a proper passport photo. If you're not sure where to get passport photos, visit PhotoStop in Edmonton. Let us help you get vacation-ready!


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