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What Are The Methods Of Using Canvas Bags As Your Marketing Billboard?
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Reusable large canvas tote bags have gained immense popularity over the last couple of years. Its countless advantages and uses not only liked by the customers but also have become a successful promotional item.

The plain packs are preferred as they can be designed according to one’s need and desire. These sacks create brand awareness for their business as it is a marketing tool for an advertising agency or retail store.

Some ideas for using canvas bags bulk as an effective marketing campaign are-

Incentive to buy in bulk

Grocery stores or retail stores can give these canvas carriers as an incentive to buy so-and-so amount worth of products from them. The customers will remember the store or the brand till they use or reuse the bag. They will also advertise the name of the company where ever they carry the carrier. The store can get a message, or a logo printed showing the brand’s commitment to staying green.

Spreading a message of goodwill

Some non-profit organisations or stores support charities. You can use these plain canvas tote bags to spread the message of awareness of those diseases. And they also act as a walking billboard for their promotion. These sacks carry a special logo of the charity along with the name of the store as their supporter in the cause. This creates a win-win for both the charitable organisation as well as the store.

Customisation services

Some stores sell eco-friendly jute or cotton sacks as a regular item. They offer printing services to customise them according to the client’s preference. They sell these sacks at a good profit; while creating awareness amongst the customers for using eco-friendly products. These stores are immensely popular for their quirky and innovative ideas. These ideas keep floating for the interests of the clients.

Using social media marketing

Another effective idea that some stores use is by using the social media as a marketing tool. They float designs and hold contents to generate interest. They invite people to browse through their websites to choose what design they like the most. The reusable sack that gets the most likes is often chosen as the winner and gets printed. Some stores also hold contents where people can submit their designs. And the best amongst those designs get a gift voucher or a heavy discount at that store.

Goodie bags to lure customers

A lot of new companies give out these reusable carriers at conventions and exhibitions to promote their brand. At times they give these as goodie bags with promotional items. These promotional items are pens and key chains. Some companies give their printed carriers to other stores as shopping sack; hence, promoting their brand indirectly.

Collective strategy to promote

There are a lot of big brands that take the help of stores where large carriers are always required. They join hands (saving a ton of money) to get a special edition canvas tote bags bulk printed with all their combined logos on it. And the store gives out that carrier for free to the customers buying things in bulk.

Staying passionate about your business and being innovative enough to keep floating newer ideas is the only way one can sustain in this competitive world. Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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