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A Quick Guide To Gland Packing
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Gland packing is comprised of different materials and produced in different arrangements depending on the need like braided, jacketed, twisted, plaited, foil wrapped and in many other forms. However, it’s always recommended to adhere to manufacturer manual while opting for gland packaging.

Choosing the right kind of gland packing is highly important because a wrong choice has full probability off leakages. From kevlar gland packing to other kind of gland packing a huge variety of packing is available and there isn’t any dingle packing that can handle all types of fluid and conditions.

Therefore, varying applications demand different packing like a valve will  only stay in good shape if a suitable preparation is applied else leakage and other associated issues will cause it to wear out too soon. A leaking valve is no less than a danger that may lead to fire disasters and other health issues.

How to Remove Gland Packing?

Where choosing and applying gland packing is a matter of concern their removal also demands attention. At times, gland packing removal can be really tough when it too old and well set. Specially contoured tools from marine engineers and other gland packing extractors in the market are known for efficient gland packing removal.

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