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Panel Heaters As Compared To Electric Radiators
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When a time will come for you to get new heater for warming up your home, you will get overwhelmed by the choices available in online stores. Just the way there are many imitations out there in the market, over the internet you will get all sorts of panel heaters at various prices ranging from low cost to the most expensive.

Panel heaters – what are they?
Panel heaters can simply be described as low cost home heating solutions. They heat through a process known as convection. Not to be confused with a different product by the name infrared panel heaters, a sophisticated slim ceramic wall panel but which heats through the radiation process. Panel heaters warm the air in the room and thus cause a general warmth of the room.  

The panel body’s hot elements heat air as it circulates the room, thereby making the room cosy since the temperature is kept at the desired levels. Since the elements which warm the air are not enclosed, these heaters are generally cheaper and manufacturing them is easier than the electric radiators. Although convection heaters are an effective, fast source of heat, it is important to note that they also have some disadvantages, which you should consider before you purchase.

Panel heaters which heat by convection are not as efficient as those which heat by radiation. While radiation directly heats people and the energy transfer is in one straight forward transaction, the convection heat occurs in more convoluted way. A typical panel transfer heats to air which then transfers heat to the room and this is not very efficient. Heating through radiation process reduces energy losses prevalent in convectional heating system. Thus, when you go out to buy one for your home, go for those panel heaters which heat through radiation system. Those which heat through convection system may lead to increase in the overall cost of bills in your home.

Avoid Cheap Options:
Humans have an unusual attraction to cheap options. However, cheap can sometimes be expensive especially when it comes to choosing panel heater for your home. Some of the cheap panel heaters NZ have open elements which make them cheap to produce. When these open elements are heated, they then heat the air and may cause burning of the particles of dust in it. If this goes on for some time, it may cause blackening of the wall and damage to the paintwork. The particles of dust circulating in the air can also trigger allergic reactions. Thus, for your safety and long term cost effectiveness, you better go for the reliable, slightly expensive panel heater for your home.

Last but not the least, when you go out to buy a panel heater, ensure that you consider the other important factors such as efficiency, but not just the price only.

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