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Why I Prefer Black Guys
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I'm not about to sit here and say I've never been attracted to white guys before; on the contrary, I went through a phase in my life when I thought white boys in bands were the hottest creatures alive. My pop punk affliction was a couple of years ago, however, and thankfully, it was a pretty brief stint. And I'm also not saying that I no longer find Caucasian men attractive at all because that isn't true, either. Like you know that actor with the weird name who plays the male lead in A Fault in Our Stars? He's damn fine. But to me, nothing beats a guy with a darker complexion. I love that caramel skin tone the most in a guy, whether he's Hispanic or black or whatever the background. This might be because I'm that stereotypical little white girl with blue eyes who is known to chase black guys, or maybe my preferences are deeper than a stereotype. I actually have a lot of reasons for why I prefer a darker skinned guy. 

Like I just said, I'm a little white girl with blue eyes. I'm Irish with freckles and about as white as white can be. I can barely tan even though I live right on the beach. To me, when I see a couple and both partners, for example, have blonde hair or some other noticeable trait, it just reminds me of incest. I know that I am the weird one for thinking this, but I can't help it! I would find it weird to hook up with a boy with similar coloring and features to myself. Darker men look NOTHING like me, and that's attractive. 

Another reason I prefer darker boys is because I find them to be a hell of a lot less judgmental than white guys. White guys tend to only want that stick thin waif of a girl and expect every female to have a Victoria Secret angel physique. Darker men, on the other hand, don't mind if a woman has some cellulite or a little meat on her. I've been called skinny and attractive by a black guy at a party and then the next morning at work be told I should exercise more by a white male coworker. This is not the first instance when a white guy has informed me of my aesthetic deficiencies and accused me of weighing too much. I'm not by any means saying ALL white men are like this! I'm sure many of them would love a curvier, bigger woman and respect her and her choices. I'm simply just basing this post off my personal observations, and personally, I find darker men to be much more open and willing to be with a girl who isn't a perfect ten who weighs only 115 pounds. 

I also really like the masculinity darker men possess. They are just so tough and strong most of the time, and they exude confidence. I find rappers so attractive for this reason; they're jaunty and expressive and they rap about having a good time. I love that swag (is that even a word anymore?) that a darker guy has. I also love how they dress. It's a superficial reason, but a man's attire really can attract, or repel, a woman. I love their speech and lexicon, too. I consider myself a relatively intelligent person, but something about when a boy I like speaks all ghetto really makes me like him even more. I don't know why, but I've always found that I don't get along as well with stuffy white people as I do with the cute ghetto boys. heart

To close, I don't care if other white people want to tell me I have Jungle Fever and refer to me as Night Rider, because I'm still  going to keep being attracted to what I like and not apologize for it, and what I like is a darker guy. 

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  .   Leslie Lee
I have every respect of your prochoice, wish there were more like you. I`m an older white man. I perfer black women, they are more passionate an know how to treat their man, they know they don`t have to work hard, that they will be treated as a woman should be treated, an they know that they are in a monogamus relationship. I have not dated one that didn`t tell me that everytime their boyfreind went out cheated on them an that there is a shame. I have seen more women beating into being hookers then I care to remember but the same can be said for white men except they just thier thrill from beating the women. in my opinon both shoulb hanged until death but again that is my opinon.
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