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What Are The Top Ten Priorities The CIO Leader Must Have?
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Below are the top 10 priorities that a CIO leader must have:

  1. Lead, do not just manage. Leadership and management are not the same. You need to both manage and lead. Leading is about change and influencing others to change.
  2. Understand the fundamentals of your environment. You need to know your industry and your competitive environment and be able to engage key decision makers and stakeholders on their terms.
  3. Create a vision for how IT will build your organization’s success. You must have a vision for achieving your colleagues’ business goals using technology.
  4. Shape and inform expectations for an IT-enabled enterprise. You need to work with your colleagues to identify the key business needs, strategies and drivers, and then articulate the IT guidelines necessary to address those needs.
  5. Create clear and appropriate IT governance. Effective governance enables you to weave together business and IT strategies and to consistently build credibility and trust.
  6. Weave business and IT strategy together. IT strategy means developing and actively managing your IT portfolio to deliver success as measured by your colleagues.
  7. Build a new IS organization - one that is leaner and more focused. Three primary issues here are introducing process-based working, strategic sourcing of IT services, and putting IS on a sound financial footing.
  8. Build and nurture a high-performing team in your IS organization. You need to know the competencies required for the new IS organization - one that relies much more on internal and external relationships - and to recruit and train for effectiveness.
  9. Manage the new enterprise and IT risks. Business leaders have to be aware of these risks and need help managing them across the enterprise and you as CIO will lead this process.
  10. Communicate IS performance in business-relevant language. You must know and communicate how IT is contributing to shareholder value and the IT value indicators that are directly linked to business value measures.

Learn more about the priorities that a CIO leader should have only at the University Canada West, one of the best universities in Canada, offering various business and management related programs.

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