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What are the main points of the ups uninterruptible power supply purchasing?
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At present, the digital revolution, and the network economy is sweeping the world.With all kinds of information system applications in various industries, more rapid development of led UPS uninterruptible power supply.As is directly related to the safe operation of the computer hardware and software can be an important factor, reliability of power supply quality should be network computer room, telecom, mobile, ICD data room and big, the small business, medical system, schools and other priority issues.UPS uninterruptible power supply is a kind of containing the energy storage device, inverter as the main component of the constant pressure and constant frequency of uninterrupted power supply, mainly used in to the server, computer network system or other power electronic devices to provide Renda uninterrupted power supply.Uninterruptible power supply from the computer peripherals, a not reuse quickly into the role of the defenders of the key equipment of the Internet and electronic commerce.As the foundation of the information society, the UPS has started her new historical mission.With the advent of the era of the Internet, the power quality of power supply put forward higher requirements, as the equipment in the entire network and data transmission way an end-to-end all-round protection, uninterruptible power supply are required with high quality.Standing in the perspective of the customer, Ren Da technology guide you to choose UPS power need to refer to the following:
A, stability,
Because UPS uninterruptible power supply is a security role, so it's senior stability is more important.So, when the user to choose UPS power products, whether it's small and medium-sized enterprise users or other, must first consider the UPS power supply to the quality of the product, the quality of the product is the first to the user to choose products, through quality can decide what you will choose the brand products, there are mountains, the United States APC, tianjin merlin gerin, France, the United States Emerson, easy special brand.Because we said the brand is called brand, because it was a lot of people, verified and approved by this is the first.
Second, the backup time
Backup time is many users at the time of buying UPS power products will focus on more one indicator.From the academic point of view, after the UPS power supply is a power outage continue to supply power to users, first of all, this is a physics, electricity power supply is one of the functions of it, the second function is to ensure users are able to have a clean power, to protect the user's device.
Third, determine the type of UPS
Depending on the load on the output stability, switching time, output waveform requirement is to determine the selection, online interactive on-line, backup type and sine wave, square wave and other types of UPS power supply.
On-line UPS output stability, rapid response ability is better than the other two, the nonlinear load adaptability is strong.The formation of some sophisticated equipment, is more important to adopt on-line UPS.In some areas where mains fluctuation range is larger, avoid the use of interactive and back-up type.If you want to use the generator with short time delay UPS, recommend using on-line UPS power supply.
Fourth, service ability
Each user's network characteristics, power environment is different, power protection requirements changed also.Users may encounter when using UPS have different problems, users want to purchase is completely suitable for the actual demand of products and services, and concerned about the cycle of equipment investment, long-term returns and risk of investment.But the reality is that the vast majority of users lack of professionals in this field, so the quality of service system and the active service attitude has become the user to choose UPS power supply must be considered an important factor.
Five, the attachment function
In order to improve the reliability of the system, the proposal USES UPS hot backup system, can series hot backup or parallel hot backup system.Small capacity of the UPS (1 ~ 2 kva) can also choose the redundant switch.Can use the remote control panel, the realization of work in the remote monitoring and control of UPS.Can choose monitoring software, the realization of intelligent management between the computer and UPS.Can choose the network adapter, realizes the network management of UPS (based on SNMP).In some rainy dore region, can with lightning protection device.Also consider whether can use of network and external set for their own protection.Because a peripheral is more and more to complete, such as printers, scanners, also need to protect this part of the equipment.Whether have the cable surge protection and data surge protection?In unmanned on duty will be automatically when system shutdown?In addition, because users than commercial desktop UPS on your side, so in terms of product design, manufacturing technology is also need to consider. To get more information, please go to visit Renda power www.rendapower.com.

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