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Types of Casino Games: Games of Skill or Chance?
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We’re going to explain which are the easiest and hardest to play on casino online and in which luck or skill will have a higher weight to win. We do not mean that it is better to play some games or others, but it is important that you know the difference between each type of game. After all, the goal of casino and betting games is not just to win but the fun you get while betting on them.

Games of skill are those where luck or chance plays a minor role. In this type of bets, it is your knowledge; practice and skill that will most determine the victory or the defeat. In this field we can find poker as an example. Playing on “skill-based games” is considered difficult. The most difficult of all is caused by a fact that many factors come into play: mathematics, psychology, and also patience. It is true that you have a factor of chance that lies in the cards that you play, but having a good hand or not is far from decisive in winning poker; this is why those are considered games of skill.

Another type of casino games are those where luck and skill play an almost equally important role. We could say that in most of them 50% of your chances of winning depends on your strategy and the other 50% depends on chance. This means that they are not as difficult as poker, nor as easy as those are purely of chance where no knowledge or skill is required. To win in this type of games the most advisable thing is to rely on mathematics and statistics to increase the chances of winning. What kind of games having a component of chance and skill? Here are the main ones: The Roulette! In roulette the luck factor is in the number where it falls on the ball. It is a very important factor but so is the betting strategy that you choose, since you can choose a bet 1: 1 (50% chance of winning), 1/3, full (choosing a single number) or half full; but you can also choose a combination of several of these bets, so that the game can complicate everything you want.


Sports betting has a high luck factor, but it needs also the knowledge you have about the sport, the follow-up you have done and the possible "tip-offs" that could come to you. It is a game that the luck determines most of "win or lose" chances. For the conclusion, you must consider the type of gambling games you play on as well as the casinos you deal with.




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  .   jennyhannb
“Skill-based games”!!. Happy wheels full game!
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