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The driving about Audi A8
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It’s the biggest and best Audi can do. Or at least, it’s the best Audi is allowed to do, lest it step on the toes of more exuberant saloons in the VW Group hierarchy. Despite a facelift, Bill and Marjorie over the road will think you’ve just bought an A4 like theirs – but inside the A8 is a world apart. As you’d expect, it’s a banquet of German sumptuousness and technology.

Audi broke ground with 1994’s first A8 by using more aluminium per car than the average vagrant throws away in a year. Skip to today and the A8 is still a lightweight among heavyweights; you could park a Renault Twingo on top of it and it’d still weigh less than a Range Rover.

The advantage will hit you where it hurts: your wallet. In a nice way. Courtesy of the recent facelift, the 3.0-litre TDI engine now sips a gallon every 47.9 miles – better than before, albeit not as good as the new S-Class and facelifted 7-Series. The Audi has all of the former’s comfort and the latter’s size-shrinking agility.

Audi has really got a handle on the UK’s disgracefully knobbly roads lately and the A8 typifies that. Every single dial and switch is masterfully engineered, and almost every bit of engine, wind and tyre noise is locked out of the cabin.

The S8 version is equally impressive, thanks to its searing 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 that also appears in the Bentley Conti GT. You want fast? Few come quicker.


When it comes to traveling with kids, the ride is boring. Well, if you want to create a little diversion,and television is always well received. Here are my  impressions of how well the car DVD player does his job. Audi A8 DVD Navigation, Audi A8 DVD GPS , Audi A8 DVD Navigation Bluetooth, Audi A8 DVD Navigation TV.


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