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Termite Prevention: How to Get Rid of Termites
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When building your new house, you take all necessary preventative steps to keep it strong beautiful for years and years. There are people who even after doing every essential thing, face the attacks of pest and termites at their valuable property.  Here is when termite prevention strikes them right in the head. So, better make sure you don’t regret over your carelessness in the future and hire pest and termite control services.

Termite prevention is an important part of constructing a home and the reason is obvious – they are “dangerous” for your house. Even after so many awareness programs, there are still some homes in Australia which will face the consequence sometime down the line. To ensure you don’t, here are some termite prevention tips.

Termite Control

Frequent inspections

Termites or white ants literally eat up your property if not checked. In order to keep your place safe from these harmful eaters, regular inspections are very necessary. Though it is difficult to detect their mischievous act of destruction, but with effective pest control in Central Coast you can protect your home. To keep the place in good condition, regular inspections in every 4-5 months is essential.

The reason behind this is you need to know whether the prevention methods you adapt are working. It will ensure your home is protected and safe from any damage. Read on to know how to keep away termites from your home.

Ways to keep away termites

When you know the vermin better, likelihood of keeping them away is increased. Here are the important tips for you.

  1. Termites are always after wet wood

You might not know this, but wet and damp areas are their best food for development. You should take the responsibility to check your home is properly ventilated. Sometimes the air inside becomes more humid than normally. Use a dehumidifier for the purpose as it will also keep it safe from moulds and mildew.


  1. Keep an eye on plumbing and fix leakage if any

This is a case of using your common sense – make sure you repair any plumbing issue and leakage to restrict the presence of white ants. Leaks increases dampness which itself is an open invitation to termites.


  1. Store wood somewhere away from your house

Piles or logs of wood are no less than a buffet for white ants. Even if they are in your garage, storehouse or outside, once they start feeding on them, they will grow larger and stronger. Their unsatisfied hunger will not take much time to lead them towards your house. So, it would be great if your store the wood quite far from your house building.

  1. Keep your wooden furniture above the ground

This is to say that do not keep you wooden foundations attached to the ground, rather have a concrete or partition in between. It will keep your belongings safe from termites even when they are inside the house.

  1. Use preventative pesticides on the wooden foundations

The most effective way of getting rid of termites is to poison their favourite food source. They enjoy eating wood but they love staying alive more. So, we advise you take the hard way on them.


  1. Take away the vegetation from your house building

There might be some hidden entry points in your vegetation area, through which the vermin could get into your house. So, better plant vegetation away from the building.

  1. Keep your house exterior as clean as possible

Termites would find it really difficult to enter your home when it is always clean and tidy. Every small thing counts; so maintain your house properly and keep it clean if you it protected from termites.


These recommendations will help you to a great extent in preventing harmful termites. Try adapting these tricks and stay safe. Above all, our professional inspection under pest and termite control services in Central coast is always helpful to ensure things are all good.



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