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Dear whoever has the time to read this or is deciding to give me the HUGE benefit of the doubt to find out if I’m interesting or not,

Well I don’t know why but I decided to start blogging…actually thats a lie… I love writing and i’ve always wanted to document my life to see if it’s really as crazy as I imagine it.  Although sad for you guys not that I’m 26 it’s not quite as exciting as it was in my lucrative party days.  Wait! Can’t forget that I saw a movie I love about blogging and I feel as though I could really benefit from it.  Sooooo for my first blog I guess I should tell you as much as myself as I can without enough for any of you to figure out who I am…. So here goes the cheesiest way that this could possible be accomplished! Fuck, I am about to sound like such a basic bitch cliche

Do you have any piercings – well yes, most girls do in this day and age
Where – ears and belly button

How many texts do you send a day…on average – (0-125) depends on whether I want to talk to people or not that day

Can you click your fingers – ummm I think you mean “snap” and sadly no.

Can you whistle – again even with hours of practice throughout my 26 years on this life…sadly no.

Favorite color- blue (but not just any blue like teal or whatever, my eye color blue and yes I did just say that my favorite color is my eye color)

Favorite song – If it is possible for someone to automatically answer in under a minute or so they clearly do not have any musical education…but maybe “summertime sadness”- Lana del Ray

Most used quote – “There’s always that slight chance you don’t know anything about me at all, I’m just that good at pretending”

How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had including childhood flings – Really? wow if were gonna count childhood to high school probably 7. High School to now would be about 5.

Ever broken a bone – duh.

What are your initials – You can’t trick me into giving up my identity….

Favorite number-why do I have to have just one….3,7,26,21,and 999,666,333,000

gotta go…..sister had a huge dance thing tonight and as an older sibling I gotta see how it went so its that time..that FaceTime ; )

Kisses- K

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