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We usually choose curtains in just one color, while two toned curtains can make your home more funky and chic. More and more people are willing to choose this kind of curtain to improve the layering sense of your home. However, we have to take the two colors combination into consideration. The color collocation should be able to create a harmonious effect. In summer, the translucent two toned curtains are the most popular on the market.

two toned curtains
For a whole space, the color always plays an important role. We can choose the similar colors to go well with the original main style, and we can also choose the contrast color to attract people's eyes firstly and give people a different and unique feeling. 
The two colors can be similar, or adverse completely. The more important is that, the two toned curtains for living room will not make the whole space look strange. What we need is the creative and unique temperament. So before choosing two colors, apart from considering the color collocation of curtains, we still need to take the match between the color of curtains and color of your room. Then, we can finally make a correct decision and get a satisfied room.

two toned curtains 
The translucent curtains is very suitable for the summer. They are mainly in yellow, orange, baby blue and some other bright colors. This kind of translucent curtains can not only block the strong light and give people a bright and soft environment, but also can insulate the dust and mosquito to give people a comfortable space. These translucent curtains are mainly made of sheer, gauze, linen or some other thin and light fabrics. They are also suitable for the autumn and winter, in all, this kind of curtains are those pragmatic and beautiful home decorations.

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