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Sexism in India
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Sexism is one of the most rampant evil in this world. Indian society like many other backward countries is extremely submerged in patriarchy. A lot of Indian men don’t understand the concept that females have desires or ambitions, that they also want to live life like men. Indian sexism and misogyny runs so deep that India is today one of the most unsafe places for women in the World. The country can never forget the brutal inhuman rape and murder of Jyoti (a.k.a Nirbhaya) in New Delhi. The people of the country were shaken but nothing much changed since then. Statistics show that the people were indifferent to her.


During the advent of Brahmanism the role of women in India were almost equal. The woman was not considered as a subordinate of the man. Rituals gave both men and women equal status and power in the society. One of the biggest mystery historian still face is to figure out what changed. Somewhere between the Golden Age and Indian dark ages something changed which gave women a much inferior role compared to what she had. The woman was degraded down to an object which was only good for carrying and nurturing babies. The woman’s role was just a being a slave to the man’s wishes.

Common Practices

After a lot of Feminist movements throughout the world the Indian woman is in a much better position than before but even that is not good enough. Instances in both urban and rural spaces show that women today are still not considered as equal. Any day in New Delhi Metro can become an instance. Men stalk women as if they have no feelings. It’s not lust that motivate them but the fact that he has been taught that he can do it and therefore he will do it.

Popular Media

Indian popular media hasn’t set a great example for the people. Through the ages Indian films have propagated patriarchy very strongly. Bollywood songs have made fun of the fact and argued that it is okay to stalk and voyeur girls. Women have been portrayed as slave to men’s wishes in very subtle way. Comedy video sites do not understand that humor cannot be created be created at the expense of someone’s dignity. People download Indian funny videos every day which show Women in very bad light and is the humor is based on women being sex objects. This kind of comedy started in some other country where theatre is all about two people standing on a stage and dissing each other on their body, color of skin and other physical traits. One can always download Indian funny videos from sites that offer better content and is politically correct.


Politics regarding feminism or women issues has always been an area of politicizing the matter instead of being an area of focus. We have always seen Politicians come up with horrible statements blaming the woman and somehow justifying crime against women. Politics in India is a long way from actually recognizing women’s worth and continues to be extremely sexist.


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