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Saudi Projects: Infrastructural Development & Need of Project Intelligence
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Economic growth of any nation is the outcome of the infrastructural developments. This economic growth is further powered with the developments in the field of transportation too.


In the coming two years the Mideast region is expected to undergo significant growth in the consumption of construction aggregates as a result infrastructural development projects and a big stride in general economic activity.


In order to diversify the economy from oil only, Saudi Arabia has mobilized funds for robust developments in infrastructure, transport, health, education, etc. An investment of $500 bn through to 2020 has been embarked for infrastructural developments in Saudi Arabia. The transport infrastructure is going to gear up with the plans for metros in Jeddah and the capital, Riyadh. A 950 Km railway from Jeddah to Damman and the Haramain high speed rail linking Mecca, Medinah, and Jeddah to facilitate the easy movement of tourists is also going to upgrade the infrastructure in a great way.


Non-oil industry in Saudi Arabia in the past few years, has witnessed regular growth. Information technology, Telecommunications, manufacturing and other related segments of infrastructural development have now become one of the key factors in the steady growth of Saudi Arabia’s economy.


Energy is the main feature for any infrastructural development. Saudi Arabia is planning to invest more than $80 billion in the electricity power sector by the end of 2020, aiming at the increase in productivity and transport networks.


Moreover, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal’s $20 bn kingdom tower in Jeddah, which is expected to complete in 2017, is slated to be the world’s tallest building at 1 Km in height.


The construction industry facilitates diverse work projects and thus, career opportunities in this segment are lucrative and ever growing. Many are looking forward to go ahead and try their hands in all these sectors and develop their business. Hence, they must consult agencies that are expert in project intelligence and tenders in Saudi Arabia. It helps you locate your business, market your products and evaluate risks in a better way.


The work culture in construction industries and companies is large and diverse and critical too. It definitely requires an expert’s eye to recruit right person for the right profile, whether they are development officers or administrators, designers, architectures, etc. A professional consultant’s view is inevitable for up-to-date information in this regard.





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