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Read About The Lending Guide Of iBAN
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Some traditional banks are unaware of the competition they face — and the way upstarts [...] are disrupting bank lending.”

At iBAN we have minimized risk in three ways, we only lenced the sensible part that meets our risk criteria which we have developed from our financialy experience.

1) We only lanced the snesible part is who meet our risk criteria, which we have developed from our financialy experience.

  • Verifing Application

  • Running Credit Checks

  • Running Back Checks

2) We diversify your money by spliting it to small amounts, micro loans which are lend over rang of borrow. We do distinct show that only a small amount of money his lends to an individual borrower, so that one borrower can't re-pay that loan and this will only impact one micro loan in your portfolio. This reduces risk and allows ur to provide you not only with the perfectly stable returns but you will always get the interest we advertise. If a borrower does miss a payment and goes in to a rais, you do not need to do anything.

3) If a borrower does miss a payment and goes in to a rais, you do not need to do anything. When investigate and take the necessary actions. If a borrower miss a four consicutive payments to loan, our guranteed funds has been set up to protect lendings and payback loans by defaults. So you get the safeguard fund.

Unlike a bank we, we publish our loan bonus info data for anyone to see because we believe in having the comfort.

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