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Planning your Move during the Rainy Weather
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You are about to move in a week and the rainy season has suddenly arrived. However, you do not need to worry much about it. Just with some planning, you can ensure a safe and smooth move.

One of the most important things to remember is taking care of your belongings so that they do not get wet during the move. You can keep a check on the weather forecast and still take preventive measures to make sure that your belongings remain dry and safe.

For this, you must get plastic sheets to cover each household item so that no item gets wet or spoiled in the rainy weather. In addition, you must get water-proof boxes or cartons in which you could securely place all the packed items.

Once you are ready with the belongings, you can then move when the streets are open and when there is not much traffic on the road. This would allow you to relocate without having to waste much time in traveling with your goods during the rainy weather. For emergencies you must keep additional plastic sheets, anti-slip mats, protective footwear and all the essentials, which can help you in making your moving smoother and effective.

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