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OnePlus 5: Is Launching coming soon?
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The official announcement of the OnePlus 5 is still pending. However, current rumors indicate an upcoming presentation - and this in a few weeks.

An exact date so far not see through - but now on Weibo, a screenshot of an internal mail is dived, which indicates a timely presentation. On 15 June 2017 the manufacturer does not launch the OnePlus 4 but the OnePlus 5 on the market. 

Why does OnePlus skip a number? The "4" is considered an unfortunate number in China, so it is probably left out. If the date mentioned is true, it can be assumed that OnePlus officially confirms the presentation on June 1st. 

At the presentation of the OnePlus 3 was exactly the same procedure - it also came out in mid-June in 2016, after similar rumors had made the round. 

16-megapixel camera with IMX398 sensor

There were some speculations about the OnePlus 5 camera. Now, according to Androidnewsheads.com, an insider in an Internet forum to word and betrayed technical details on the built-in clip. According to this, the mobile phone, as previously assumed, takes photos with a resolution of 16 megapixels. The sensor used is a Sony IMX398, which is among other things in the Oppo R9. 

Strangely enough, Insiders already assumed that the OnePlus 3T would be equipped with the IMX398. Instead, the mobile phone waited with an IMX298 sensor. The alleged insider can not provide any evidence for his allegations but promises that the statements are correct. 

Horizontal dual camera

If the numerous rendering pictures that are circulating on the net are genuine, the OnePlus 5 is equipped with a dual camera. A point that the insider did not want to confirm with certainty. Disagreement prevails among experts about the arrangement of the lenses. If the previous rendering pictures show the OnePlus 5 with vertically arranged lenses as with the OnePlus 3T, the latest Fotoleak shows a mock-up (projection model) with a horizontal lens arrangement. 

According to the Antutu benchmark, both cameras with 16 megapixels each trigger. The new design is reminiscent of Honor 8 Pro and ZTE Blade V8. Contrary to previous assumptions, the screen is also not frameless inserted into the housing when the mock-up is shown. 

Lush furnishings, crisp price

The rendering images also reveal the technical specifications and the price. The OnePlus 5 appears in two versions. The variant for the Chinese market costs 620 USD (566 Euro), a "global version" whopping 688 US dollar (628 euro), which has additional Bluetooth 4.2 and a slot for microSD cards on board. 

As speculated in advance, the OnePlus 5 has a Snapdragon 835 processor and a 6 gigabyte (GB) of RAM under the hood. The internal memory leaves with 64 GB also hardly any wishes open. The screen is 5.5 inches lush, the resolution is crisp with 2560x1440 pixels. 

Fat battery

The graphics calculation is handled by a processor of the type Adreno 540. The power is provided by a permanently installed battery with a generous 4,000 milliamperes, which is charged to the user via a USB-type C connector - thanks to fast-charging technology in a particularly short time. According to the dealer, the XXL mobile phone, despite its dimensions, weighs only 156 grams. 

Ceramic housing instead of glass?

After the first leaks of a housing of glass were talked, now rather a ceramic cover appears. Meanwhile, the supplier of the Xiaomi Mi Mix, which has a ceramic housing, also lists OnePlus as its customer. Ceramics would have a higher load-bearing capacity compared to glass and metal and would be less vulnerable to scratches and more robust at higher temperatures.


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