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My Jerk Brother!
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My Jerk Brother! By Leigh Ann Wages

Never in my life did I think that my older brother, Cody would ever ever do such evil and spiteful things not just to me but to our 71 year old mother. Ever since he married Shilla, a special ed teacher hs attitude has changed. Both of them are money hungry, compulsive liars, they steal, whatever they do is pure evil.

My brother has stolen checks out of my mom's house. He stole both car titles in my mom's name out of her house and forged his name on both car titles without my mom's permission. He added his name to one of my mom's bank accountants and another bank account that my mother has, he has written a check with her check for his behalf and from the same bank that he's not on her account.

He and his bitch wife have stolen things out of my mom's house.

He is a fraud, a liar, a thief.

The things he and his bitch wife have stolen from my mom:

*Two car titles

*Two cars that my mom bought

*Paintings and a nice clock from her house

*Checks from her bank (accounts)

He and his wife are compulsive liars to my mom.

They both claim my mom has full blown dementia which she does not. I have her on video three months ago and proof that she doesnt have dementia!

They don't listen to my mother. They make her feel horrible and when she tries to tell them something they ignore her. My mother feels like she doesn't have any rights!!

And the list goes on what they are doing and saying with my mom!

As for me...

Cody and his bitch wife have stolen the car I drive.

They have made me homeless.

They have called the police on me, making two false claims! (Want to know more, feel free to ask)

I have a new Power of Attorney for my mom which is signed and notarized on March 31, 2014 and Cody has one from about 2-3 years ago. The one my mom and I signed on March 31, 2014 is newer and is a Durable Power of Attorney! He is not complying with the new Power of Attorney!

and the list goes on.....


My brother and his wife are EVIL pure EVIL!!!

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