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me and my mom
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so me and my mom have never had the best relationship. I feel like sometimes i am not good enough for my mom, like sometime's she wishes she never had me, like i am just one big MISTAKE.... My mom always told me its because i am so much like her and she don't want to go down the same road she did...Why i am writing about this is because, Friday me and my mom got into it really bad and for some reason i can't get it out my head....I had my first date with this guy i really like and my little sister called me 10 times in 20 minutes so i finally picked up and she was really upset with my mom and asked if we could stop by the house,so we did.... my sister and her boyfriend was standing out side and she was crying, so well long story short my mom walked and looked me dead and the eyes and told me she wish i died when i was in the hospital....would you not be up set to? Am i in the wrong? What should i do

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