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Importance of home based jobs in the Philippines
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To understand the topic we first have to understand what the Philippines economy is like.

The Philippines economy is growing at a very fast rate ever since their government turned to a democracy. The economy which previously only depended on the agriculture now has become more industry and manufacturing base. Industrialization has led to urbanization which has, in turn, led to the urbanization of the major cities and towns. Philippines have one of the fastest growing GDP in the world. It is currently ranked 36th in terms of GDP and is steadily becoming a force to be reckoned with. Big American corporate houses predict the Philippines to be the next big competitor in the world. It is now called a newly industrialized country.


Due to the urbanization of the country, Philippines created a huge number of jobs because of its demands. With urbanization, even agriculture needs people from the IT sector to make things organized. The only thing that the country has made sure is that people do not suddenly get pushed in the urban sector and forget the old ways. Philippines time and again have tried to keep its roots intact. What the government has tried to do throughout the years after democracy is that they have tried to find a balance between progress and their history/culture to make life easier and find harmony between the people of the country. The government has also understood the importance of the ecosystem which they are trying to protect at all cost.

All these maintenances of the country have created a lot of jobs for people from all around the country. The unemployment rate is as low as 6%. Students and artists are encouraged to follow their passion regardless of what the future might or might not be because the government has created a lot of jobs for everyone in all the sectors present in the country.

Work from Home

A lot of people in the Philippines are unemployed because they do things that do not pay much and are in constant poverty. People like artists and house wives want to go out and get a job but since their commitment lies at home, they cannot move out much. This causes them to form a percentage of the population which is known as the unemployed. To tackle this situation a company in the Philippines has come up with a solution. JobsinPhil.com is a site that sources online jobs that people can do while staying at home. A lot of single mothers and housewives have found employment through this. Home based jobs in the Philippines have been able to give employment to people who lost their jobs because of an accident which left them with an inability or generally people who were never hired because of a condition that did not enable them to leave their house.

After 2004 when the inflation was at a record 76% was brought down to a mere 34.8% due to innovations like this. It is expected that the Government will be able to bring down the current 6% unemployment rate to even lower numbers.

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