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How does commerce in Reddit work?
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Reddit has become one of the most popular social media websites. Reddit, unlike Facebook, is very different in nature. Reddit has a harsh crowd and not all posts and comments are accepted in subreddits. Sometimes if the comments and posts do not match the interest of a particular field, then they can be down voted and as a result, the site may choose to remove it altogether. Every post and comments with more number of upvotes accumulate points which increase the karma of the account. An account with higher karma comes with special features and privileges. Such things are great for any promotion work which has to happen on social media. Privileges such as higher visibility are the crux of marketing in social media. Companies have been built and destroyed by social media just by simple voting in the portal. Reddit has been no different. Reddit has its own advantages in the commercial point of view.


Redditors are one of the most difficult crowds that anyone on the social media faces. Twitter and Facebook troll army do not even stand anywhere near in front of Redditors. Redditors are sharp and to the point. No trolling takes place in Reddit as they are easily removed. This provides a good platform for people to get upvotes so that they can promote their products to more people. But it comes with a catch. Promotional material with only promotional content is thrown away and erased. One has to be very creative with their Reddit postings or comments if trying to promote certain product be it even their own artwork.

Another thing that has come up in the recent past is the validity and visibility of certain promotional content. This is the biggest way how the commerce websites run. Some Redditors have a good amount of karma in their account. What they do is they create another account and sell Reddit account with higher karma to users who are in need of such accounts to post their promotional content. There are companies which buy and sell Reddit accounts as their main business. The visibility and the tough crowd of Reddit have become something of a business entity that companies nowadays rely on.

Reddit promotion

But the main commercial activity that takes place in Reddit is the promotion everyone does on the site. Reddit is one of the major and most crucial sites for social media marketing. Since the crowd is tough in this site, it acts as a litmus test for the promotion to work in rest of the social media sites. Redditors who try to promote stuff on this website, their motto is to get as many upvotes they can so that their visibility on the site is increased. More the visibility more does the product reach out to the population. There is a direct relation between the popularity of a product and the number of upvotes it gets. The same relation is kind of missing from the other social media sites.

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