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Frequency Power’s Current Situation and Analysis on the civilian market
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Frequency early power is mainly used in the military, then slowly applied in civilian areas, the domestic ups power supply manufacturers from small to large, and gradually grow and foreign manufacturers to compete for profit, it can be said at this stage power inverter domestic market is crowded state.

Developing the civilian market has gone through two stages, First, the Taiwan-based power supply and foreign market model.

(1) requires products exported to Europe and electrical inspection. Appliances business was supported by the state export sector, the domestic blank at this time, the basic monopoly of foreign products. Maori power can reach more than 500%. (2) the power to enter the fast Taiwanese companies, mainly through the transfer of their industry chain has been tempered, so marketing positioning continent, with the Chinese people and get ahead.

Second, the domestic power market model command.

(1) the learning phase of the domestic market. Because profits and market expansion cake market, several domestic companies all out, from high technology orientation, did not follow the Taiwan power mode, namely in digital applications than Taiwanese companies stand tall, just a few years, the power of the support system establish and improve the power of a large number of technical marketing staff to grow, they have accumulated a good experience.

(2) the full range of counter-offensive

Third, at the present stage

1, the power stage of the Red Sea.

2, the power supply capacity problems

Capacity is an important indicator of power inverter, starting power supply designed to be enough, and now the power supply to meet the design capacity of a few? How to identify the amount of power, the easiest way to connect the purely resistive load capacity see if he can work in an existing power supply, you will feel smaller volume than the original, which is mainly to reduce the frequency transformer capacity, frequency transformers and Modular ups is an important variable frequency inverter device, they are mainly for cost , thus reducing the capacity of the majority of manufacturers to choose the way.

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