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Food Habits
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With Obesity becoming one of the major problems for most of the developed nations, it is very important understand what is causing it. Today’s developed and developing nation is going through huge progress in almost all the sector. Almost all industrial sectors are booming. But the biggest problem that still remain is that health has been taken way down in the priority list and that might cause a lot of problems for the years to come. The work efficiency required by the people in age that is characterized by speed may see a huge bump due to the continuously degrading health of the population.

Cultural significance

The degradation in food habits can be linked to the cultural history of the populations across the globe. Almost all countries around the world has seen poverty at one point their glorious history. During these times carbohydrates were mostly used because they were cheap and filled the stomach in small portions. The poverty more or less disappeared but the habits never did. With abundance of food the appetite increased along with the quantity fats and carbohydrates. This has been one of the big reasons for unhealthy food habits and obesity around the world.

Modern day significance

In modern times the world has become more work oriented. Time has become more valuable than ever. The average human works for more than 12 hours a day. And in this era of MacDonalisation people have no time to think food and food habits. Carbohydrates are still consumed in large quantities (at least much more than what is the optimum value) and when carbs and fats mix the result is obesity. The working man does not have the time to even think of food let alone cook it. This becomes the reason cheap, fast and unhealthy food survives. The average working man feels hungry but does not have the time and money to afford the healthy food.


With the obesity on the rise thankfully health awareness has seen a major rise in the scenario as well. Toady a lot of groups have dedicated their time and energy to try to get people into healthier practices. One of the major changes that we see today is that there are food companies and franchises who advertising healthier food options. The ever working man now understands the importance of a healthy life and how important it is to their efficiency of work rate. There are companies in both corporate and non corporate sectors which are trying relentlessly to make their employees understand the importance of healthier lives so that the companies’ work efficiency can also increase.


The major consequences of the current health drives are that more and more people are trying to get health conscious and practicing habits that are very healthy in nature. The new trend that has come up is that people are trying innovative ways to reach out to people so that they involve more and more healthy habits. Apart from fitbits and health conscious Subways , there are companies like Hello Fresh( for more information visit https://hellofresh.reviews/)  who are trying to save both time and health of their customers. In today’s world innovation is more important that anything to tackle any issues. Health consciousness is on a rise but the war against obesity is far from over.  

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