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Five Fantastic Ways to Utilize an Offset Patio Umbrella
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1. The offset umbrella also known as the cantilever umbrella is a great commercial patio umbrella for hotels, restaurants, country clubs or any business with an outdoor space. Offset patio umbrellas are a better alternative to the center post umbrella where it is imperative that guests are free of obstructions where they can fall or hurt themselves.

Here is a list of great ways to incorporate a cantilever patio umbrella for your establishment.

2. Over your table. One of the greatest advantages about a side post umbrella is that there is no center pole getting in the way of your guests interacting with one another. Conversing at a patio table takes on a whole new perspective once you get rid of that pesky center pole. Also, moving your table around will be a snap as there is no umbrella attached to its center and due to the fact that our offset umbrellas swivel 360 degrees; the flexibility you get on how you shade your table is endless. In addition; you get the added benefit of a much more usable space to your table top. So, put that cap back that hole that came with the table!

3. Over your lounge chairs. Every guest at a hotel would much rather prefer a cantilever umbrella as they relax in your chaise loungers as having a center pole umbrella can be very obtrusive. With an offset patio umbrella, you can place the umbrella out of the way, behind or to the side.

4. Establish a common shaded area where people can all gather. Any open space can become a perfect spot for a commercial cantilever umbrella. If the space is quite large consider using a double offset umbrella or quadruple offset umbrella to cover that area. You don’t always need a table for people to sit down. The offset umbrella is a great way to provide both shading and a comfortable place to gather that may otherwise be unoccupied. Add our LED lights to the ribs, and you can entertain at night as well.


5. Shade for children is an ideal way to use an offset patio umbrella. If you have a play area, it’s easy to protect them from the sun while they are out playing. Set the umbrella off to the side and leave the whole middle of the area open for them to run around and because we use 100% acrylic fabric all of our cantilever umbrellas come with the Skin Cancers seal of approval!

6. Over the pool. Everyone loves to swim or float on a raft in the water, but people are concerned with the UV rays. So, put in an Offset patio umbrella to cover part of the area. Place an offset umbrella to the side of your pool, place it over the water, and you’ve got a great shaded area.

There you have it. Five great ways to use offset patio umbrella. Have an idea? Let us know.


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