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Do you take a phone into the toilet with you ??
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Recently this topic was the big discussion around my office..

No surprise is that people take their mobile devices into the bathroom with them...  

Whether it's their iPhone or iPad or whatever your mobile device is, it appears the majority of us do take these into the bathroom with us...

The biggest debate was if you answer the phone if it rings while you're "dropping the kids in the pool" (a recent descriptive term I heard on the radio)...

Nobody admitted they would answer the phone on the loo...  I said I had when hubby rang..  Their response indicated that was acceptable ??

It was so funny asking people whether they take their phones in with them...  They were instantly wondering where we were going with our odd questioning...   The funny responses was that they'd go on facebook or if they were chatting on viber...  But answering the phone was crossing the line... 

So all do me a favour and ask these questions to your family, friends and colleagues...  

It will make you all smile...

Well it's Saturday 130pm here, so all have a safe fun happy weekend, wherever in the world you are.

I'm listening to clipsal cars zooming in the background, the jets just flew overhead, so at home but in the close atmosphere of the clipsal race here in Adelaide.

Hopeful for another etsy sale in my StaceysKnitWits knitting shop this weekend, so feel to stop by and check it out.  Everything is reasonably priced and worth taking a look at.

Live long and prosper..  RIP Leonard Nimoy, Dr Spock !  (Thanks for the correction Barbara, Mr Spock)

I myself play games, SMS, and Google while on the loo...  Don't worry, I don't blog in there !!

Definitely no selfies there either ....

No snapchat either

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thanked by the blogger    .   Barbara Rypinski
An intriguing conversation, indeed. Minor correction: Dr Spock was a pediatrician that became famous by giving parenting advice. Mr Spock was played by Leonard Nimoy...
  .   Stacey Dwyer
Oops thanks for the correction... On another note... Do you take your phone to the toilet with you Barbara ??
  .   Barbara Rypinski
Only in public places -- can't leave it in the car! :-)
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