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Data center service provider leader
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 Renda high frequency ups power online UPS power convenient easy unbelievable!
In recent years, whether domestic or foreign data center market showed clear "polarization" trends: on the one hand, large-scale, even ultra-large-scale data center will continue to emerge, on the other hand, small, micro data center numbers are to maintain steady growth, by contrast, the number of medium-sized data centers will continue to shrink.
Large, the rise of very large data center is not difficult to understand, cloud computing, the Internet is the main driving force, while small micro data center market to grow steadily, but may make some people surprised. In fact, small micro data center (data center due to this small, people are more used to call "room") has a very broad and solid soil application: for example, a variety of financial, power, telecommunications and other business outlets large companies, multinationals around the affiliates are required to deploy a small nearby room information node; another example, in some industrial environments, the control device can not stay away from production equipment, but also to ensure safe and reliable dust control equipment corrosion, so it needs room to these micro-control devices closed isolated, then distributed on all aspects of the production line; in addition, there are a large number of small and medium enterprises in order to support network access IT applications and infrastructure also need to deploy a small miniature room in the office ʱ??
It can be said, that a large part of the ground-breaking start although very large data center caught the eye, but for a considerable number of people in charge of enterprise IT infrastructure, the small computer room construction, maintenance is daily work, and even can be said make it "headache" of that section.
It is called "headache" because of the small computer room, though small-scale, but the saying goes, "small but perfectly formed 'room decoration, design, constant temperature and humidity dust corrosion treatment, post operation and maintenance, etc. , everything will not be less, not to mention, as compared to medium-sized data center, enterprise business outlets, branch offices often lack professional room construction and operation and maintenance personnel, a problem difficult to resolve in a timely manner the first time, in short, is full various "stretched" embarrassed.
Annoyance for the user to use a small computer room on any line of high frequency ups power supply 6 ~ 20KVA UPS Series can provide users with IT infrastructure and use of revolutionary experience. 6-20KVA series of next-generation high frequency online UPS, the use of advanced DSP digital control technology to effectively improve product performance and reliability, higher power density and miniaturization. This series offers double protection of hardware and software, intelligent battery management technology, high reliability and stable performance, energy efficient, but both humane management capabilities for departmental servers, small networks, workstations and small to medium sized computer room to provide safe and reliable power protection.
Specifically, it has the advantage in the following six areas:
1. strong load adaptability, with output short circuit protection
2. Wide input voltage range, can be connected to various generators
3. Workers reliability frequency line double conversion architecture
4. Improve charge management
5. calls automatically reboot (power battery vent)
6.ECO operating mode efficiency up to 98%
In addition, any of the high-frequency online UPS power supply 6 ~ 20KVA series is any of their own products, if there are problems, as long as customers dial any of the sales calls can thus avoid vendors who "pass the buck."
In life, some daily necessities because they can greatly improve the quality of life and not have to buy known as "artifact", then, so save money worry of high frequencyonline uninterruptible power supply 6 ~ 20KVA series probably belong can rapidly improve work happiness index "artifact" of the. You reconsider?

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