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If you are worried from how can you find news you missed from last week or where to find news from when you were gone. Then, definitely you will go Wikipedia and try to find your answers. But, Wikipedia isn't exactly the most accurate source of news information; it is a surprisingly good way to quickly get a synopsis of what's going on in the world.

Thankfully, you actually have a few great options for keeping up on the news without spending a lot of time. CMU News is a tool to catch up on current world news or the current news stories while you were away from the access of an internet! If you are gone for even a month you probably have missed top news stories of the last month that you will only catch up on the latest news cycle.

Use CMU News to catch up on news you missed while you were away or to see how news has progressed. Use the Search option to see the trend of something over time or just search a date range without a search to see all news sources. Select which sources you want to view under the search bar or change the default sources by logging in to a user account.

Create a user account to change your default sources, save news to read later, share news to a friend’s “read later” list, or comment with a friend about an article without all the distractions of social media.  

Here you can find news you have missed: Important news of this month

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