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Bikini or Beachwear
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He named the swimsuit after Bikini Atoll, where testing about the atomic bomb was happening place. Fashion designer Jacques Heim, also from Paris, re-released an identical layout earlier the same year, the Atome. Owing to its controversial and showing layout, the bikini was slow to be adopted. In most countries it had been prohibited from beaches and public areas. While still considered risqué, the bikini gradually became a part of popular culture when movie stars--Brigitte Bardot, Raquel Welch, Ursula Andress and others--began wearing them on public beaches and in film. As the swimsuit was evolving, the underwear started to change. Between 1900 and 1940, swimsuit spans followed the changes in panties designs. From the 1920s women started shedding the corset, while the Cadole firm of Paris started growing something they called the "breast girdle". Throughout the Great Depression, panties and bras became lightly constructed and were created of various elasticized yarns making panties fit like a second skin. From 1930s underwear designs for both women and men were influenced by the new brief models of swimwear from Europe. Although the waistband was still above the navel, the leg openings of these panty short were cut in an arc to grow from the crotch to the hip joint. The short served as a template for many all variants of panties for the remainder of the century. Warner standardized the concept of Cup dimension in 1935. The very first underwire bra was developed in 1938. Wearing a bikini has become a serious trend in the fashion industry. Beginning in the late thirties skants, a type of skanty men's briefs, have been released, including very high-cut leg openings and a lower increase to the waistband. In 1950 Maidenform introduced the very first official bust enhancing bra. As bikinis render the majority of the body vulnerable to potentially harmful UV radiation, overexposure can lead to sunburn, skin cancer, in addition to other serious and chronic health effects on the skin, eyes, and immune system. As a result, medical organizations recommend that bikini wearers shield themselves from UV radiation by using broad-spectrum sunscreen, which has been shown to protect against sunburn, skin cancer, wrinkling and sagging skin. Certain sunscreen ingredients may lead to harm if they penetrate the skin with time.

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