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All You Need To Know About The Art Of Taking Exceptional Nail Photos
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Clicking Nail photos has always been the most confound topic when we talk about nails and their beauty.

The rapid growth of business over social media and the competition it brings with it, demands the best of everything to grab the attention of the viewer, whether it be a caption under your #EuropeTrip post or simply the angle and quality of your nail picture.

If you like to share your nail art pictures with the world, then go online. Let people appreciate your true talent. There are many websites that allow members and guests to share their personal or professional pictures.

Considering the fact that there are hundreds of nail artist displaying their exceptional skills using all the tricks and props, it’s important to be up-to-date with all the tools and techniques as a nail enthusiast.

To get splendid image, an expensive professional camera is not required. You just have to be skilful in using your smart-phone’s in-built camera which comes with lots of useful and considerable features.

Cleaning the area around your nail before clicking a picture can reduce a lot of flaws and notch which are visible when the picture is magnified.


Let’s talk about all the minor and major hacks a nail expert uses and suggests as well!


Do away with your Cuticles!

Cuticles small as they seem however plays a significant role in nail art. They should always be moistened and hydrated or else it can be dominating over your appreciable and exceptional nail polish!


Get that perfect LIGHTING!

Good light is very essential and indispensable! Bright fluoro light and direct sunlight should be avoided as it might ruin the end result by emphasizing all the flaws and wrinkles. Take your photos in natural light that is, in shade where the light is more scattered!

You can either use the natural lighting or use the DIY light-boxes available for such purpose.


Set the perfect pose!

Click multiple pictures so that you have a wide range to select that perfect one from. Find your favourite and most suitable click by trying various poses, and make sure you make those nails as the main focus. Let your hand stay comfortable and as natural as possible.


Show off your editing skills!

Good editing works like magic for your pictures. It doesn’t matter if you’ve clicked the photos using an iPhone, DSLR or compact digital if you have some great artistic skills of editing. You just have to adjust the brightness, saturation and exposure. To make the colours more precise, you can enhance colour balance.

There are innumerable Photoshop tutorials available on the internet which can be of great help.


“Practice makes a man perfect”

This mainstream rule applies here as well. Practice as much as you can, you can always upgrade your skills. Look out on the web for inspiration and new ideas, you don’t have to exactly imitate it, but use it as a challenge to do better than what you’re already doing!


At last, try to make it as simple as possible using the above ideas, don’t rush too much that you overdo it. 

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