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6 things you must ask the customer care before booking online hotel
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Online hotel booking is very convenient. It lets interested holiday makers find great hotel room deals to their favourite holiday destination in a real quick and simple manner. But before booking online hotel rooms, you must contact customer care to know about the following 6 things.

1. Location information on the hotel description page. Most hotels state that they are centrally located but they are actually quite far off from local tourist attractions. Check the hotel location before making any bookings.

2. Online date amendments and cancellations. Should you want to cancel your booking or make any changes to the existing hotel booking, you should know the procedure for the same.

3. Quoted currency. Ask the customer care about the quoted currency. Do you need to pay for the holiday accommodation in dollars or any other currency? How would the hotel be charging you for the services offered by them? Calculate the price and convert the quoted rate in your currency to ensure it fits within your budget.

4. Hotel facilities and rate information. Ask the customer care to brief you about the various hotel facilities and amenities and check the rates for using those services and hotel amenities.

5. Star ratings and customer reviews. Never ever book a hotel online in a hurry. Always ask the customer care to share customer reviews and star ratings to know what others have to say about that particular hotel.

6. Real time hotel room booking. Ask the customer care if the hotel that you are interested in offers real time hotel booking.

Once you get answers to the above questions and you are satisfied with them, book online to make your holidays enjoyable.

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