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Native Festivals: My Struggle with Homesickness
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Yesterday, my mother told me an inspiring story of someone she knew. It was about a guy who payed money to hear someone talk in his language because it made him happy (I would totally do that too!). It might seem hilarious, but the pain is real. I can’t tell you how much I want a friend who can talk to me in my language (Tamil). It feels so soothing to hear nativity in the mix of English.

I love my country (India). It is not unusual, but I do have unlimited love for my country. I had to move out about 4 years ago, causing a great deal of pain. I was homesick so often for the silliest of reasons. I have still not retrieved myself from it. During days of festivity, its the worst. I can hear my mind talking about all the things we used to do during the events, traditions, etc etc. Today is one of those days.

Pongal is a South Indian festival that is celebrated over 4 days. There are a load of little memories hidden in. One of the most memorable involves staying up late at night. At about 11:30 PM, we all gather in the front of the house to draw rangoli designs using colorful powders. This takes about an hour, and is also very fun. This happens again for the next 3 nights. In the morning, the design is more pleasing to look at.

Here is a link of a rangoli design (also called kolam) in process:

After I moved, the only struggle I went through was the different culture, the people and homesickness. This is because almost all of my family is in India, and all of my closest relations live there. Even after getting new friends, the first thing I always noticed was the difference. Perhaps I shouldn’t (overtime the attitude might change.)

If you have an experience with moving to a different place and has struggled with homesickness, you might’ve experienced the same things I have. Every country has its own unique culture, and can be easily differentiated. One of the things I have noticed is that many people try to deny their true identities in order to fit in. It is not bad to do that, but don’t forget to embrace your own culture! That is what makes us all unique beings in a diverse setting! :)

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