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The Story Of My Firts Kiss

Pressure and curiosity has always played a major part in my life and the decisions I have made. 9 times out of 10 I will say yes just to put an end to the nagging. Anyway my first kiss was in the 6th grade and boy was it horrible. There was no magical spark. The only thing sparked was my unshakable desire to barf. For 1, I was not ready. The guy was my first boyfriend (yeah, right. I was 12 and he was 18) .At the time I didnt know any better. But anyway back to the story. We were alone in my sisters store and he kept asking. I kept refusing and he kept asking why. I guess "I dont want to" and "I think It gross " wasnt really good answers because he still kept insisting. I finally caved and moved in close to him. He said to just pucker up. 

The main reason why it was so terrifying was because I expected a peck. Little did I know that I was in for a mouth full of watery saliva and an excessive amount all over my chin. I couldnt contain my disgust and so I asked him to leave. I never spoke of that experience , nor did I speak to him again. He still asks me what he did wrong. "uh dude, you drowned my taste buds and gave me an unwanted early morning face wash"

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thanked by the blogger    .   Rita Abrol
Hi! I am from India, and here, pretty-much everyone has a similar first-kiss experience. If you watch any Bollywood move, you'll realize the same. And yeah! I've written (kinda) an article about it. Check it out: 7 Sex Myths In India — Courtesy of Bollywood. XoXo, Rita
  .   MariBelle
lol well I checked out your article, pretty cool and funny
  .   Alesinloye Bankoleola
Nice to hear but your first experience was disappointing .The guy was still a to ddler in love .otherwise he would have handle you with great affection
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