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The loss of a loved one
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I walked in and to my disbelief,for the truth unraveled before me. There she lay as if she were asleep.Standing in the doorway a small swift of air hit my face sending chills down my back.Looking over to see the window was open,and the moon and sky were shining.A tiny plant sat upon the window seal almost overlooking the view. As I began to make my way across the room my legs began to tremble, my heart beat was out of tune.Thinking at any given moment I could subside; falling in my own disarray.Consumed with racing thoughts,questioning myself;is this my fault? Holding back my tears; flashbacks of the week prior took toll on my thoughts."Are you going to die" I ask.As I stand there looking at her across the room she sat there on the hospital bed before me.Worry, shot across my face not knowing what the answer will be.But with relief; "No, I am going to fight what ever it is I have" She replied. Just a week prior these were the words once told to me.Presently, as I look down at her one last time tears began to form making their way down my face.The only words I could get out was "why?" Therefore, I did not understand.I brush her arm with my hand to only feel cold,empty and lost.I love you,Miss you,i say.Not wanting to stand there any longer I turn and begin to head for the door,but Stopping in the middle of my tracks to a feeling, a presence right before me. To just continue until I reached the door. A feeling of urgency overwhelmed me. I look back one last time,for the words I thought would never come out, "goodbye mom" as I walked out the door

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