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Learning Lessons..
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Me and Tyler (My boyfriend) are 5 years apart, which is hard for some people to handle. But me and him have been through so much together. I do believe he is my other half, he is my love. 

During the start of our relationship, i was sorta young and wanted that free spirit life and the free mind. I always acted very mature. Even with me acting mature i still had my hard times. I lied to my mom all the time, telling her i was one place when really i was with Tyler. All i wanted was to be able to be like my oldest sister Janay, who dated someone and was always hanging out with him and never home. Instead of just asking my mom, i just went and did it anyways. I would lie so i could stay the night with him, i would lie so we could hang out all day. Eventually my mom caught me in my lies. She yelled, and threw punches at me for lying to her. I lost my way. Always lying. I couldn't act like that anymore. I knew my mom loved me, and i knew i had to gain her trust back. 

For days i tried everything i could starting with breakfast in bed, mowing the lawn, cleaning up around the house. When i realized that was not going to get me out of my grounding. I had to prove to her, i can grow up and realize what i did wrong. I still spent what seemed to be like days to earn her trust back. I always told her i loved her and i was sorry. I shut my mouth and tried not to yell back. I stayed in my room and read or tried to do small things to keep me busy until i was ready to come out of my room and face my mom. Every time i just sat down, i would say to my self "The Lying Needs To Stop". I would replay that in my head, the lying did need to stop and i needed to stop before my whole life became nothing but a lie. 

It took time, but i managed to get out of it. I stopped lying and i started to act differently. Tyler kept me on my toes, always making sure i was being honest to my mom. Always making sure i didnt make any more mistakes so i could have my moms trust. As soon as i got my moms trust, Tyler came around my mom more. Sometimes i think my mom loves him more than me. haha. They have a strong bond, im glad they can share that. It gave me hope then that me and him would stick through any other thing i came across in my life. So far, everything has worked out perfectly. We have been together and stuck through a lot of hard times. Without me learning that lesson, i don't know where i would be. 

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