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I am the human prey, I weep in sorrow far away. I am watched every night when sunlight fades, I am weak to him and vulnerable if he says.  I hide in my shadow, my bravery is dead, my honor crushed and my mentality unfed. I keep a look out for strangers at bay, I keep a look out for those that are near and I am, in danger, no.... I seriously am. It's truly sad that the one causing this is a man. I am not being hunted by an animal or a thief but by a man who's a coward and thoughts of him won't let me sleep. He is underestimating my power and stepping all over me, hoping that the world falls and the one dead would be me.

What he did is something he should not be proud of, what he did could have cost his life and mine. It all happened on the morning on the way to school. As demented as the predator was, he was my mothers love. 9 years on and off, 9 years of "love", 9 years of hurting, 9 years of ignorance, 9 years of suffrage and now 4 years of mental scarring. He delivers this powder of "happiness" to people known as cocaine but who would have known that through 9 years this man would get away. such a wrong crime but this man did not spend his time. He spent 1 month of prison, yet I have been imprisoned. 5 months of therapy, 6 months of lies, 7 months of being blamed, 2 years battling and 5 months of failing...... Where is the justice? Where is the truth? Why can't I find it ? Why do I suffer and he remains at peace? Why so much discomfort brought to me? Only a monster would do this. Not ones with big claws, big ears and sharp teeth but just a man that has fooled everyone but me........

                                                                                                                        ~Cynthia Duran


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thanked by the blogger    .   Amber Olmstead
Hi I'm just starting out at blogging and wanted to tell you I really enjoyed this post! I have seen domestic violence first hand and understand the devastation it reaps on ones soul. Good luck to you in your search for peace. It will come.
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