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How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?
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The cost of application development varies based on its complexity, features, maintenance, quality, type, and many more. It may cost about $10,000 for a simple app and $70,000 for a complex app with various features. It also depends on the geographical area. For example, app development companies in the United States have a comparatively higher development rate than app development companies in India. Some major features that determine the cost of the app are:


As we know, the more complex the app, the higher the rates. A complex app is an app with more features and functionality. App development companies usually develop the app from scratch, or some use third-party API. If you want features such as Maps, which detects users' location, the search function on the map, and many more, it could range about $3000 or above. If you want more features like payment features where you can add your payment method and check your balance, it would add another $3000 or so depending upon the app development companies. Some features that you can include in your app with price ranges are listed below:

- A simple application features a more straightforward design, login screen, calendar, and other necessary costs around $20,000-$40,000.

- An average level app featuring medium design, payment methods, backend connection sort of costs around $40,000-$80,000.

- A complex app featuring minimal high design, animation, and complicated backend connection costs around $75,000-$150,000.


The design of the app is another factor that determines the cost of the app. If you have are a designer yourself, then it would cost you less. If you hire a designer for your app, it would cost you more. The more professional design you require, the more money it will cost you. A simple UI design that requires easy implementation and takes less time will cost less. However, if you aim to make an eye-catching app that requires animations and many models, it will cost you more. If you want an app icon designed for your app and user-friendly and engaging designs, it will cost more than $20,000. The expenses of the application vary based on the app development company. You can maintain and manage your app according to your preference one-one with the designer.

Cross-platform app

The platforms you want your app to run on also play a significant role in determining your app's cost. If you would like your app to run on both android and IOS, it is likely to cost you more. If you want your application software to perform on a single platform, then the price does not vary. Such as :

Native apps: They are made for a specific platform. The cost of such apps ranges from average to high.

Hybrid apps: They usually cost low, but they require top skills to use hybrid tools,

Web apps: They are the cheapest app compared to the other two. 

Gaming applications

If you want an advanced 3D game with various useful features such as different character models, user engagement, and constant update and high-quality design and rendering, it will cost you more than a simple 2D game with less user engagement. Apps that require more animation and beautiful graphics are quite expensive. 

Quality and maintenance

The quality of the app is not just the features but also the smooth working of the app. It is reasonable to find a bug or two while developing an app. Although the app might be tested, it might not be bug-free. So the quality of the app is determined on fewer bugs and constants testing of the apps. If you hire a professional for your app, your app's condition is likely to be higher. The quality assurance of the app is expected to cost $5,000 or above $25,000. It is a excellent value for money if you want a smooth bug free app. 

After releasing your app, you might need some updates or maintenance. The maintenance of your app requires 20% of your development cost. Support is necessary to keep your users engaged on the app, bug fixing, updates, and many more. 

Launching your app

The cost of your launching your app is not much compared to other expenses for your app. If you would like to launch your app in the Google Play App store, it will cost you $25, and you can pay once. However, if you're going to launch your app in the Apple App store, it will cost you around $99, and you must pay yearly. 

Cost difference based on geographical area

Although the app's production differs based on its features, complexity, maintenance, and many more, it also depends on the geographical area. There is a mentality that only expensive app development companies deliver the best result, which is false. There are many small scale companies with experienced and professional programmers that provide the same effect at a low price. The price in various regions varies accordingly. For example, in North America, the price for an app may be $150 per hour, whereas it may cost around $11 per hour in Indonesia. Such, huge difference may tempt people to choose companies in different time zones. 

Cost of the app development team

The app development is more efficient when done with a development team. The price range based on team members are shown below:

Project manager: The project manager is responsible for managing the team and abides by deadlines. The average cost is $20 per hour.

Developer: The developer is responsible for the coding of the app. The average cost is $30 per hour.

Backend developer: They connect the application, server, and database. The average cost is $20 per hour.

Designer: They are responsible for the designs of the application. The average cost is $15 per hour.

Tester: They make sure the end product meets the project requirements. The average cost is $20 per hour.

Moreover, the price range may vary depending upon the app development company or the nature of the geographical area.

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