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5 Surprising Facts Concerning Mobile Phone Repairs
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With each new day -- with virtually every moment -- we appear to be growing increasingly more reliant on our smartphones to operate in our everyday lives. We use these to look up movie times, find a fantastic brownie recipe, speak with our mothers, our fans, keep tabs on our children... We use our telephones for virtually everything.

Bearing this in mind, it is becoming less and less of a choice to go with no phone, as well as living with a handset that is damaged.

5 Surprising Facts Concerning Mobile Phone Repairs

Apple sold approximately 51.2 million iPhones final quarter. At the start of April 2016, Apple announced its financial data for Q2 of 2016. Even though the smartphone titan is reporting a decrease in earnings for the first time in 13 decades, that is still a wholesome trade! Considering this, on average, 1/3 of iPhone owners report residing with cracked displays, or other small cosmetic damages, that is a staggering 17 million new handsets, every 3 weeks, to be stored in perfect working order.

The two most frequent smartphone actions are taking and texting photos. While it could possibly be known as a"smartphone", that is really only the tip of the iceberg of what these wonder-devices are capable of. Heck, a lot of us barely utilize the address capabilities of our telephones in any way, except to purchase a pizza when there's no emoji shipping. That means getting our displays in a pristine state is much more significant than ever. Not merely are cracked displays an eyesore, they are even able to establish a health hazard, through cut palms, and that is not even mentioning the limited actions or the threat to our telephone's data.

12 percent of iPhones are ruined by spilled beer. Water damage is among the most frequent causes of cell phone restoration. That is water, especially. Actually, just 1 of 8 cellular phones are damaged because of drinking-related accidents!

The 2nd most frequent cause of liquid harm is spilled pop. Though spilled water is the top cause of liquid harm, soda follows closely behind. The sticky, sugary liquid is much more of a nightmare to fix than normal old Hydrogen Hydroxide, so keep these handsets from Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb!

If you're able to make it through you are the first year, you are golden. Roughly 10 percent of iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy owners harm their apparatus in a year of receiving it. From time to time, tragically, it may happen in weeks of buying our new, high-tech apparatus.

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