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Reasons for Knee Replacement Surgery
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One of the major reasons, why the patient is required to undergo the knee replacement surgery is due the presence of arthritis in the knees. A common type of arthritis is Osteoarthritis, a specific condition, where there is damage caused to the hyaline articular cartilage. The other common form of arthritis is regarded to be Rheumatoid. If stiffness and severe pain are witnessed in the knee joints and the person is not in a position to perform his regular duties like running, walking, etc., then he could be possibly suffering from osteoarthritis.

 Importance of the knee

The knee is regarded to a hinge joint that enables motion at a point, where the thigh meets the leg’s lower region. People especially those in the age bracket of 60 to 80 may fall down and hence are required to undergo knee surgery. Even youths at times require knee replacement surgery.  It is the experienced and knowledgeable surgeon who would determine if a surgery is required or physiotherapy or medication. In case, a knee replacement is the need, the surgeon would evaluate if a half or total knee replacement is to be performed.

Reasons for increasing popularity among foreign patients to make medical trips in India

Fortunately, the country has been boasting of creating some of the best hospitals employing the very best specialists, thus compelling patients from all parts of the world including those from the highly advanced western country to contemplate medical trip for India. There are various reasons for patients to come down to India for deriving knee replacement surgery like:

  • Low cost
  • Availability of top class, state of the art medical equipments
  • Presence of the best qualified physicians and surgeons

About the knee surgery and its different types

This type of surgery is known to involve having the damaged cartilage present in the knee to be replaced with prosthetic type that is constructed out of metal. Several knee replacement types are known to be offered by the leading hospitals in the country. The surgeon after evaluating the situation would discuss the possible solutions with the patient.

Some knees are known to need special bone cement, which helps the knee to be kept in proper place. In few cases, chemical gets used that is then coated upon the artificial parts. The chemical helps bone development that in turn assists in holding the necessary components in its proper place. The reasons cited for requiring knee replacement can be attributed to deterioration of cartilage as well as wear & tear of the bones, sports related injuries and arthritis present in knees.

Eliminating pain

The pain that is generally experienced by the patients can be extreme, such that the patient experiencing the same is likely to find it difficult in pursuing his daily regimen like running, walking and other regular activities.

It is all of the above that requires the patients to check out the facilities offered by Indian medical tourism and to get back their normal life and enjoy it considerably.

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