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App for the Next Generation of Digital Manifolds: the new Testo 557 and Testo 550.
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The app for wireless integration of mobile devices into the new manifolds testo 550 and testo 557. The new entry-level model testo 549, with its attractive price-performance ratio.

Better performance, precision, convenience: Testo fulfils the increased markets demands and raises the efficiency bar yet again with the new generation of digital manifolds. The highlight is the App for wireless integration of mobile devices into the new manifolds testo 550 and testo 557. The new entry-level model testo 549, with its attractive price-performance ratio, is intended to convince analog users of the advantages of digital manifolds.

Bluetooth and App allow the user new possibilities for convenient analysis and documentation. Wireless transmission technology with the App provides added convenience and economy, especially when working in difficult-to-access places or on large plants.

Connectivity and convenience thanks to App
The App connects Android and iOS mobile instruments to the testo 550 and testo 557 manifolds via Bluetooth. Via the App connection, the measurement data can be comfortably read off on a Smartphone. The user can update the 60 stored refrigerants directly on site. The measurement data can be finalized in the App, and sent by e-mail. This saves considerable time for the user, providing a convenient increase of flexibility.

Comprehensive optimization for increasing demands
The App for the new manifolds testo 550 and testo 557 is one of many new developments with which Testo are once again meeting the requirements of the market, and underlining their expertise in refrigeration. A further highlight is the the Pirani probe developed by Testo for the new testo 557, which allows highly precise vacuum measurements.

The new generation is more robust than ever, for example thanks to an additional metal frame for the display. Apart from this, all digital manifolds are now water- and dirt-resistant according to protection class IP42. Among other steps for more secure operation is a menu structure which has been further simplified and extended by automatic functions. For instance, the testo 557 automatically selects the evacuation mode as soon as the user connects the new Pirani probe. The external probe is an example of the increased performance of the new manifolds: the measuring range has been extended to 60 bar, and the battery life increased to 250 hours. With the new generation, 60 common refrigerants are now stored in the manifold.

For users at all levels
While the testo 557 is suitable for the servicing and commissioning of refrigeration systems, the testo 550 is intended for simple service on refrigeration systems. Both have the possibility of sending the data by Bluetooth to a mobile device, where they can be read, evaluated and documented in an App. Reporting by e-mail is also possible with this App.

Digital is better value
With the newest generation, Testo has further optimized the price-performance ratio of digital manifolds. With the testo 549 in particular, the company is addressing user who are still operating analog instruments. However, more than the attractive entry-level price, it is the product advantages which are in the foreground of communication: The testo 549 fulfils all the daily requirements in refrigeration contracting. The user can measure different operating parameters with only one instrument, and obtains a comprehensive real-time overview of the status of a refrigeration system or heat pump. This fast and reliable test not only saves costs – it also makes your work considerably more efficient.

Testo AG
Testo AG, with its headquarters in Lenzkirch in the Black Forest, is a world market leader in the field of portable and stationary measurement technology. Worldwide, 2,5000 staff are involved in research, production and marketing for the high-tech company, working to find innovative measurement solutions, e.g. in the fields of air conditioning and ventilation, food quality, building technology and emission control.

In 2013, Testo AG achieved a turnover of 235 million Euros. The basis for this success was, in addition to the highly qualified and motivated staff, the above-average investment in a future-oriented development. Roughly 10 percent of the concern's annual worldwide turnover is spent on Research & Development – a sustainable and success-oriented step towards the future.
With 31 subsidiary companies and over 80 distribution partners, Testo is represented on all five continents.


Testo India Pvt. Ltd.

Phone: +91 20 6560 0203

E-Mail: info@testoindia.com

Fax: +91 20 2585 0080



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