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Opportunities in Food Swaps Market with Opportunities Latest Trends and Forecast 2017-22
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Albany, New York, November 14, 2017: A latest research report titled as ”Opportunities in Food Swaps” has been recently added to the vast portfolio of Market Research Hub (MRH) online research offerings. This report is a professional and in-depth analysis on the present state and future prospect for the global market. It provides valuable information to the industry insiders, potential entrants or investors. It includes an exhaustive enquiry with the reliability of logic and the comprehensiveness of contents.

Request Free Sample Report@ https://www.marketresearchhub.com/enquiry.php?type=S&repid=1370695

"Opportunities in Food Swaps", outlines the key consumer trends and innovation opportunities aligning with the food swap concept.

Food swaps are being used by consumers to make small changes to their diet, as they seek to limit or avoid certain foods for a variety of reasons such as health, sustainability, and affordability. The concept is creating numerous innovation opportunities as consumers seek to replicate consumption experiences using different ingredients. The research explores food swap opportunities in five key food groups: protein, carbohydrates, dairy, fat, and sugar.


- There are four key consumer mega-trends influencing food swap trends and opportunities, which are Health & Wellness, Easy & Affordable, Sustainability & Ethics, and Comfort & Uncertainty.
- Food swaps appeal to four specific consumer mindsets, which are 1) weight warriors, 2) vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians, 3) wellness-seekers, and 4) money-savers.
- Food swaps are used to make health improvements to the everyday diet, but also offer other benefits. These include saving money and improving sustainability, while also maintaining comfort and familiarity in the diet.

Reasons to buy

- Identify the key consumer behaviors shaping food swapping trends.
- Gain specific insight and implications into the food swapping concept.
- Analyze key innovation approaches in food swaps.

Browse Full Report with TOC@ https://www.marketresearchhub.com/report/opportunities-in-food-swaps-responding-to-growing-demand-for-swapping-traditional-protein-carbs-dairy-fat-and-sugar-for-alternative-ingredients-report.html



Table of Contents
Trending swaps
Protein swaps
Carb swaps
Dairy swaps
Fat swaps
Sugar swaps
The future

Enquire About this Report@ https://www.marketresearchhub.com/enquiry.php?type=S&repid=1370695



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