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Global Tactile and Dimensional Printing Market to Reach $ 1.9 billion (10.3% CAGR) by 2022
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A fresh report has been added to the wide database of Market Research Hub (MRH) titled “Global Tactile and Dimensional Printing Market Systems, Technologies and Global Markets” offers a detailed synopsis of this industry and discusses the major factors affecting the growth. The impact on the market over the next few years has also been discussed at length in this study. It further forecasts the size and valuation of the Tactile and Dimensional Printing market for the forthcoming years.

Request Free Sample Report @ https://www.marketresearchhub.com/enquiry.php?type=S&repid=1377249

Key Highlights:

  • The global market for tactile printing reached nearly $1.1 billion in 2016. This market is estimated to reach $1.9 billion in 2022 from $1.2 billion in 2017 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.3% for 2017-2022.
  • The market for packaging and labels is expected to grow from $963 million in 2017 to $1.6 billion in 2022 at a CAGR of 10.8% from 2017 through 2022.
  • The market for security and accessibility is expected to grow from $220.1 million in 2017 to $320.1 million in 2022 at a CAGR of 7.8% from 2017 through 2022.

Report Includes:

  • 56 data tables and 6 additional tables
  • An overview of the global market for tactile printing
  • Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2016, estimates for 2017, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2022
  • Analyses of the market by application, by technology type, by end users, and by region.
  • Discussion of different tactile printing technologies, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Distribution of patent activity relating to tactile printing
  • Current and upcoming government regulations relating to both security and accessibility for the visually impaired
  • Profiles of companies involved or potentially involved in tactile printing

Report Scope

This report considers commercial- and industrial-scale tactile printing equipment, as relevant to applications that include printing of packages, labels, currency, security documents and accessibility for the blind and visually impaired, including both braille and tactile graphics. For a detailed list of segments and breakdowns included in the scope of this report, please refer to the bullet lists below, near the end of this chapter. This report reviews and considers relevant and applicable technologies, references regulations to the extent that they drive or interfere with tactile printing market development, summarizes market developments, identifies industry trends and their influence on markets, provides a summary of relevant industry organizations and their function, provides a detailed patent analysis and provides insights and key information to support business- and investment-related strategy decisions. Note that this report does not consider small-scale consumer products such as handheld or manual embossing presses. Estimated values used are based on manufacturers’ total revenues. Projected and forecasted revenue values are in constant U.S. dollars, unadjusted for inflation.

Browse Full Report with TOC @ https://www.marketresearchhub.com/report/tactile-and-dimensional-printing-global-markets-to-2022-report.html

Table of Content:

Study Goals and Objectives 
Reasons for Doing This Study
Scope of Report
Information Sources
Research Information Sources
Intended Audience
Technology Breakdowns
Application Breakdowns
Geographic Breakdown
Analyst's Credentials
Related BCC Research Reports
Chapter 2 Summary and Highlights
Chapter 3 Market and Technology Background
Chapter 4 Market Breakdown by Technology Type 
Chapter 5 Market Breakdown by Application
Chapter 6 Industry Trends
Chapter 7 Patent Review/ New Developments
Chapter 8 Company Profiles
What is Tactile Printing?
What is NOT Tactile Printing?


Enquire about this report @ https://www.marketresearchhub.com/enquiry.php?type=enquiry&repid=1377249

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